Gardner Aerospace offers industry leading machining and turning capabilities across more than 360,000ft2 of manufacturing space globally.

We can provide 3, 4, 5 & 6 axis machining capability up to 30 metres in length across hard, soft and exotic materials. We have more than 260 spindles across the group and some of our specialties include turning, thread rolling, grinding, broaching and laser drilling.

The group invests regularly in efficiency and repeatability and take a concept from start-to-finish resulting in a proven, reliable and accurate process.

Long Bed

Our long-bed machining centre of excellence in Consett, County Durham utilises state of the art equipment to offer capabilities in lengths of up to 30 metres.

  • Best in class long bed material removal rates
  • Example products include wing stringers, wing spars , wing panels, tail spars and skins
  • World’s largest pallet system at 24 metres
  • 26 long bed spindles
Short Bed

We have the capability to produce a wide-range of components from soft, hard and exotic materials.

  • 3, 4, 5 & 6 axis machines
  • Vertical and horizontal milling
  • Vertical and horizontal lathes including grinding
  • Multi-pallet capabilities
  • Live tooling
  • Smart vacuum capability